Letra traducida Europe – Carrie

Carrie Europe – CarrieCargado por vmedina27 – Explorar otros videos musicales. When light goes down, I see no reasonFor you to cry. We’ve been through this beforeIn every time, in every season,God knows I’ve triedSo please don’t ask for more. Seguir leyendo

Letra traducida Elton John – Sacrifice

Letra: Bernie TaupinMúsica: Elton John. Sacrifice It’s a human signWhen things go wrongWhen the scent of her lingersAnd temptation’s strong Into the boundaryOf each married manSweet deceit comes callingAnd negativity lands Cold cold heartHard done by youSome things look better Seguir leyendo

Canciones traducidas 0..9

’39 (Queen)’74-’75 (The Connells)1979 (Smashing Pumpkins)2:1 (Elastica)4000 rainy nights (Stratovarius)7 things (Miley Cyrus)83 (John Mayer)

Letra traducida Elan – Hideaway

Hideaway There’s a constant cry in the parkBaby lost his blue eyes in the darkHe’d been working all night longBehind the desperate lies He sleeps like a rockAnd awakes with the sunTo freeze the color of the angelThat watches over Seguir leyendo

Letra traducida Elastica – 2:1

2:1 Keeping a brave faceIn circumstancesIs impossibleCannot describeSo many decisionsIt’s impossibleTo know which isThe proper orderThe best positionTo be inTake advantageOr so it seemsThe way it goes. It’s tragic / Sandman comesLaid down on your side / Two to oneToo Seguir leyendo

Eddie Grant – Gimme Hope

Gimme Hope Well Jo’anna she runs a countryShe runs in Durban and the TransvaalShe makes a few of her people happy, ohShe don’t care about the rest at allShe’s got a system they call apartheidIt keeps a brother in a Seguir leyendo