Hilary Duff – The Math

The Math You’re always trying to figure outWhat I am all aboutIf you don’t know what the answer isThen just shut up and kiss It shouldn’t take foreverTo put it all together [chorus]If you can’t do the mathThen get out Seguir leyendo

Hilary Duff – So yesterday

So Yesterday You can change your life- if you wannaYou can change your clothes- if you wanna If you change your mindWell, that’s the way it goes But I’m gonna keep your jeansAnd your old black hat- cause I wannaThey Seguir leyendo

Gamma Ray – Dethrone tyranny

[Música/Letra: Zimmermann] Dethrone Tyranny Someone is out there he’s watching what I doFrom far in the distance, his eyes everywhereI look around me, there’s no one that I seeBut still I feel someone’s controlling my mind Save your breath and Seguir leyendo

Gamma Ray – Introduction

[Music/Lyrics: Hansen] Introduction IlluminatiYou’ve come to take controlYou can take my heartbeatBut you can’t break my soulWe all shall be free IlluminatiYou’ll never take controlYour new world orderWill lead to none at allWe all stand before you as oneHeaven is Seguir leyendo

Hilary Duff – Metamorphosis

Metamorphosis I’ve been so wrapped up in my warm cocoonBut something’s happening, things are changing soonI’m pushing the edge, feeling it crackAnd once I get out, there’s no turning back Watching the butterfly go towards the sunI wonder what I Seguir leyendo