Letra traducida The Cure – Burn

Burn don’t look, don’t lookthe shadows breathewhispering me away from youdon’t wake at night to watch her sleepyou know that you will always sleepthis trembling, adored, tousled bird-mad girl every night i burnevery night i call your nameevery night i Seguir leyendo

Crematory – Tears Of Time

Tears Of Time Tears of time – lost in the lightTears of pain – found in the selfDeny your equalsDestroy the testimony of days pastThe door of damnation openedReason as goalDestroy the beast in your thoughtsLike the dust in your Seguir leyendo

Corrs – Breathless traducida

Breathless Go on go onLeave me breathlessCome on [echo…] Hey… yeah… The daylight’s fading slowlyThe time with you is standing stillI’m waiting for you onlyThe slightest touch and I feel weakI cannot lie, from you I cannot hideAnd I’m losing Seguir leyendo