Birdy – Strange birds

Strange birds Little ghost, you are listening, Unlike most you don’t miss a thing, You see the truth, I walk the halls invisibly, I climb the walls, no one sees me, No one but you. You’ve always loved the strange Seguir leyendo

The Beatles – Baby, you’re a rich man

Baby, you’re a rich man How does it feel to be One of the beautiful people? Now that you know who you are What do you want to be? And have you traveled very far? Far as the eye can Seguir leyendo

ACDC – Thunderstruck

Thunderstruck I was caught In the middle of a railroad track (Thunder) And I knew there was no turning back (Thunder) My mind raced And I thought what could I do (Thunder) And I knew There was no help, no Seguir leyendo

Weird Al Yankovic – eBay

eBay Yeah A used … pink bathrobe A rare … mint snowglobe A Smurf … TV tray I bought on eBay My house … is filled with this crap Shows up in bubble wrap Most every day What I bought Seguir leyendo

Velvet Underground – Sweet Jane

Sweet Jane Standing on the corner, Suitcase in my hand Jack is in his corset, and Jane is her vest, And me I’m in a rock’n’roll band Hah! Ridin’ in a Stutz Bear Cat, Jim You know, those were different Seguir leyendo

The Unfinished Sympathy – Homedrunk

Homedrunk How I hate you son For nothing you have done Shot your mouth and bring the bottle I’m gonna make you notice the pain I’ve had inflicted in vain You better get your baggage packed and run Into the Seguir leyendo

Texas – Summer son

Summer son I’m tired of telling the story Tired of telling it your way Yeh I know what I saw I know that I found the floor Before you take my heart, reconsider Before you take my heart, reconsider I’ve Seguir leyendo

Scorpions – Holiday

Holiday Let me take you far away You’d like a holiday Let me take you far away You’d like a holiday Exchange the cold days for the sun A good time and fun Let me take you far away You’d Seguir leyendo

Ramones – We’re a happy family

We’re a happy family We’re a happy family We’re a happy family We’re a happy family Me mom and daddy [x2] Siting here in Queens Eating refried beans We’re in all the magazines Gulpin’ down thorazines We ain’t got no Seguir leyendo

Queen – Dear friends

Dear friends So dear friends Your love has gone Only tears to dwell upon I dare not say As the wind must blow So a love is lost A love is won Go to sleep and dream again Soon your Seguir leyendo