Billie Eilish – Copycat

20 Ago

Copycat Don’t be cautious, don’t be kind You committed, I’m your crime Push my button anytime You got your finger on the trigger, but your trigger finger’s mine Silver dollar, golden flame Dirty water, poison rain Perfect murder, take your … Leer más »

Billie Eilish – Goodbye

4 Jul

Goodbye Please, please Don’t leave me be It’s not true Take me to the roof Told you not to worry What do you want from me? Don’t ask questions Wait a minute Don’t you know I’m no good for … Leer más »

Billie Eilish – Xanny

28 Jun

Xanny What is it about them? I must be missing something They just keep doing nothing Too intoxicated to be scared Better off without them They’re nothing but unstable Bring ashtrays to the table And that’s about the only … Leer más »