Letras traducidas > rock años 90

Pink Floyd – High hopes
Portishead – Roads
Radiohead – Paranoid android
Social distorsion – Don’t drag me down
Oasis – Don’t go away
Herdeiros da Crus – Quero josar
Pearl Jam – Even flow
REM – What’s the frequency, Kenneth?
Queen – Innuendo
Nine inch nails – Closer
Foo Fighters – Learn to fly
Portishead – Glory box
U2 – Sweetest thing
Calvin Russell – Soldier
Pearl Jam – Elderly woman behind the couter in a small town
Aerosmith – Shut up and dance
Hard Rain – Diamonds
Jeff Buckley – Lover, you should’ve come over
Goo Goo Dolls – Iris
Oasis – Whatever
Tool – Sober
Guns n’ Roses – Dead horse
The Wallflowers – 6th Avenue Heartache
Radiohead – Fake plastic trees
The Cranberries – Just my imagination
Aerosmith – Walk on water
Foo Fighters – My hero
Oasis – Live forever
The White Stripes – St James infirmary blues
REM – Shiny happy people
Guns n’ Roses – Knockin’ on heaven’s door
Radiohead – No surprises
Oasis – Stand by me
Skid Row – Little wing
Red Hot Chili Peppers – Under the bridge
Bon Jovi – These days
Marilyn Manson – Sweet dreams (Are made of this)
The Cranberries – Ode to my family
Linda Perry – Fill me up
New Radicals – You get what you give
Alan Parsons – Siren song
John Mellencamp – Wild night ft. Meshell Ndegéocello
L.A. Guns – Over the edge
Berri Txarrak – Ikusi arte
Rammstein – Stripped
Rage Against the Machine – Wake up
Undershakers – Stupid girl
Sorotan Bele – Arratsalde honetan
Sexy Sadie – Needle chill
Foo Fighters – Break out
Sonic Youth – The diamond sea
The Pribata Idaho – That kind of pity
Smash Mouth – Walking on the sun
Temple of the Dog – Hunger strike
Naked – Mann’s Chinese
White Zombie – More human than human
Pearl Jam – Porch
Cornershop – Brimful of Asha
Alice Cooper – Feed my Frankenstein
The Rolling Stones – Brown sugar
James – Born of frustration
The Flaming Lips – Race for the prize
Alice in Chains – Down in a hole
Ozzy Osbourne – Back on Earth
Mick Jagger – Don’t tear me up
Santana – Love of my life ft. Dave Matthews
Mr. Big – Wild world
Ozzy Osbourne – No more tears
Chris Rea – Looking for the summer
Queen – I was born to love you
Foo Fighters – Alone + Easy target
Bon Jovi – Keep the faith
Spin Doctors – Little miss can’t be wrong
Toy Dolls – Back in ’79
Meat Loaf – I’d do anything for love (But I won’t do that)
Dover – Sea witch
Ugly Kid Joe – Everything about you
Jane’s Addiction – Stop
Type O Negative – My girlfriend’s girlfriend
Toy Dolls – She’ll be back with Keith someday
ACDC – Hail Caesar
Steelheart – I’ll never let you go
Lacrimosa – Alleine zu zweit
Glampire – Twice as strong
Bruce Springsteen – Human touch
Foo Fighters – Everlong
Chris Rea – The blue cafe
Skunk Anansie – Charlie Big Potato
Semisonic – Closing time
David Bowie – Sex and the Church
Soul Asylum – Runaway train
No Doubt – Just a girl
Divinyls – I ain’t gonna eat out my heart anymore
The Jayhawks – Bad time
Firehouse – I live my life for you
Guns n’ Roses – Attitude
Stone Temple Pilots – Creep
Concrete Blonde – Caroline
Warrant – April 2031
Guardian – Preacher and the bear