Helloween – March of time

5 Dic

March of time https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E268jKfnJd8 Hours of lust, hours of tears Passing by before my eyes Today, tomorrow, yesterday, one life Days of joy, day of sadness Come and go to pass me by A month, a year, one hundred years … Leer más »

Helloween – Halloween

11 Nov

Halloween Masquerade, masquerade, Grab your mask and don’t be late Get out well disguised Heat and fever in the air tonight Meet the others at the store, Knock on other people’s door Trick or treat they have no choice, Little … Leer más »

Helloween – I want out

21 Sep

I Want Out From our lives’ beginning on we are pushed in little forms no one asks us how we like to be in school they teach you what to think but everyone says different things but they’re all convinced … Leer más »

Helloween – Eagle fly free

20 Sep

Eagle fly free People are in big confusion they don’t like their constitutions everyday they draw conclusions and they’re still prepared for war Some can say what’s ineffective some make up themselves attractive build up things they call protective well … Leer más »