Russian Red

14 letras traducidas de Russian Red

Russian Red – A hat

A hat Aha, the point is still the silence of your voice I listen to you more, I listen to

Russian Red – Cigarettes

Cigarettes Now tell me what it is, it isn’t fair cause I’m wasting time, but it isn’t my heart it

Russian Red – Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura You’re always such a fool and in your eyes so blue I see the life I never had before.

Russian Red – Girls just wanna have fun

Girls just wanna have fun I come home in the morning light, My mother says «When you gonna live your

Russian Red – Gone, play on

Gone, play on This never ending song is scratching Scratching my brain Like a vinyl in desire This never ending

Russian Red – Hold it inside

Hold it inside I’m not taking, I’m not, I’m not fading I’m not falling, you’re not, you’re not falling cause

Russian Red – I hate you but I love you

I hate you but I love you You were so high up on in the sky I just keep feeling

Russian Red – Just like a wall

Just like a wall On my way, way to the stars, I found you were there, laying down, next to

Russian Red – Kiss my elbow

Kiss my elbow And every five minutes I look at the door and I see you naked. And there’s a

Russian Red – Nice thick feathers

Nice thick feathers She said hey, wont you pick me up? he said, well, what about at nine? And she

Russian Red – No past land

No past land If my hands weren’t there, like I saw in the stream of the drawings been made on

Russian Red – Take me home

Take me home It’s your guitar that discovers you wild, for all I can see is the dark of a

Russian Red – They don’t believe

They don’t believe Walk by the man who sings a song To the streetlights And turns out everybody claps They

Russian Red – Walls are tired

Walls are tired Walls are tired, of holding the same old ceilings Words have found their way to stay in